Overview of Project 6

This is the post for the week of April 21, 2015 class meeting.

Today, you will read through the assignment for the final exam, read related information from the textbook, and post any questions you have.

Readings for the Week of April 21

These are the tasks to complete for today’s work:

  • The assignment for Project 6: Course Completion Report (the final exam).
  • Chapter 12 of Markel (“Writing Informational Reports”)
    Note that the information on progress and status reports is similar to the analysis task you will complete for Project 6.

Work for the Week of April 21

  • Get started on your sixth project.
  • Review the Forum Posts and Participation page, which includes the goals you will report on in your final project.
  • Go to Tests & Quizzes in Scholar, and complete the reading quizzes on Chapter 12 of Markel by 11:55 PM on Monday, April 27.
  • If you have any questions about the assignment, go to Questions about Project 6 in the forum and add them.